Outdoor : Patio Track Blinds

For the Ultimate in Outdoor  Awnings / Blinds you needn't look further than our               S O L A R - GLIDE   Outdoor Patio Track Blinds
For those who want the best in blinds for their outdoor living areas with its good looks and effortless operation.
Enjoy all year round use of your outdoor entertaining areas.
Benifits & Features
Free of ropes and pullys makes it very child safe.
Smooth and effortless operation.
Spring assisted for easy open and close operation.
The unique side tracks guide & seal the sides of the blind as it's being operated up or down.
The powder coated aluminium bottom rail comes fitted with twin locking system as a standard feature.
Can be opened to any position.
Keeps your outdoor entertaining area sheltered from wind and rain.
The majority of annoying insects are kept outside where they belong due to the cleaver side track and bottom rail system that seals out pests.
UV stablised fabrics include natutal and synthetic canvas in stripped or plain colours, mesh in a varity of light controls either stripped or plain colours, pvc in clear & tint .
The aluminium side tracks and bottom rails can be colour matched to your chosen fabric or existing structure.
Motorised , Hand or cranked geared operation.

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